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Clown Killer 2 is a action game that is aimed at children aged over 14 years.
Clowns are increasingly killing citizens. Scientists found out why the clowns are killing, that it

Clown Killer 2

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Clown Killer
Clown Killer Nobody likes clowns, so do what should have been don long-long time ago.
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Frantic Killer
Frantic Killer Kill all the bad stickies.
Pedestrian Killer
Pedestrian Killer Hit as many pedestrians as possible
Kindergarten Killer
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Camera Killer
Camera Killer You vitezoman / but the rooms with video camera to give you beat your head?...
Clown Carnage
Clown Carnage Scared of clowns? Take your revenge.
Emma's Recipes: Rainbow Clown Cake
Emma's Recipes: Rainbow Clown Cake Emma's really done it this time!
Halloween Hair Studio
Halloween Hair Studio Halloween's just around the corner, and this trick-or-treater's needs a killer...
Clowns: Circus is in the Town
Clowns: Circus is in the Town Your job is to impress the crowd as much as your can with your clown skills and...
Zombie Slayer
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Ben 10: Spore Attack
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