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SFG Pool: Tournament is a sport game that is aimed at children aged 10 to 14 years.
This is a 8 ball pool game that can be played in multiplayer mode, player against player or against the computer.
Press “8 BALL RULES” button to learn the rules of the game. To strike a ball you need to aim with your mouse and press and hold the left mouse button until the power is increased to the desired level. Release the button to strike. There are 2 player boards in the top part of the screen. It’s your turn when your board is lit. The sign below your name indicates your ball type. If it’s a question mark, the type is not assigned yet, if it’s a circle with a stripe, your balls are stripes, if it’s a solid circle your balls are solids and if it’s a black circle you’re striking the 8 ball. The number inside the circle indicate the number of balls you have pocketed so far.
In multiplayer mode you can either join one of the available games or create your own game and wait until someone joins it. You can accept or reject an opponent until he/she wants to join the game. If you are a registered user, you will earn points for defeating other players. Points will be converted to a rank. If you win a game, the number of points you earn is equal to the defeated opponent’s rank. If you lose, your points are not changed.

SFG Pool: Tournament

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